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Apr 1, 2017

Sat 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

333 Main Street
San Francisco, CA



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Villy Doctor (a.k.a. Satyavati Ma) is a renowned teacher from India. This is a rare opportunity to practice meditation with a master teacher.

She has a Masters Degree in Psychology and Doctorate Studies in "Psycho-Biological changes through meditation".

With over three decades of practice, observation and teaching, she has perfected this simple and effective method of meditation. Traveling across the globe, she imparts this knowledge and has helped thousands of people.

Through this method both beginners and people who have meditated, can experience the gift of true self realization. Awaken your own inner potential and experience the peace, self-healing and energy within. Once this self-knowledge starts flowing, our personality, which may sometimes be imbalanced, slowly begins to become whole and balanced. With a clearer mind and body, we become better problem solvers, time management improves and there is self awareness to effectively correct old bad habits.

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